Jojo 2.0

Project/Problem Description

Our morning show host on Hot92 and Hot100 needed a makeover. For nearly two months we put Jojo through a rigorous training program to 'rebuild' him as Jojo 2.0. Each week Jojo would visit a sponsor location who would help him to 'get his mojo back'. 


For the Jojo 2.0 project, we allowed sponsors to buy in to participating in the Jojo 2.0 project to spotlight their business. Each business was featured in an 'episode' of the Jojo 2.0 process, which featured a full sponsor page with business history and procedure info, a chance to win product samples from the bussiness, and the roughly ten minute episode itself.


8 sponsors including a plastic surgeon, a dentist, a gym/personal training facility, a jeweler, two salons, a clothing shop, and public transportation autohority all signed on for the Jojo 2.0 promotion. We were left with a better looking morning show host and listeners loved the content with over 1000 views within the first week.