All Energy Now

Domestic energy is quickly becoming the defining issue of our generation. Everywhere you go, people are talking about it. From the White House to the State House to the house down the street, people are having conversations about natural gas energy, oil energy, nuclear energy, wind energy, coal energy, hydro-electric energy, solar energy, foreign energy and American energy. More than ever, people want to talk about and hear about energy issues.

Within the energy sector there is the hope of cheaper fuels, less toxic emissions and tens of thousands of jobs in new energy industries. There are also many energy technologies competing to become the favorite. The uncertainty about which direction energy will take has fueled the public interest for energy information. More than ever, we need more energy. More than ever, we need more energy information and more than ever we need All Energy Now.

The All Energy Now Radio Network is the new driving force for people who want information on our rapidly expanding domestic energy sector. Each week on 23 radio stations in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia, listeners will follow host Tejas Gosai as he guides them through the latest energy developments that effect their country, region and even their own homes. Tejas will cover everything from new energy technologies, energy employment opportunities, environmental considerations, energy financial issues and much much more.

The AEN Network will be THE place people in our region go to separate fact from fiction on the endless volume of energy topics. Tejas will go beyond the bumper sticker slogans and allow issues to be fully and publicly discussed.

This show is for industry personnel, landowners, job seekers, environmental enthusiasts and global political watchers, energy is once again the next frontier... and All Energy Now is the media.

Won’t you join Tejas?